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Sports and Fitness

World’s professional athletes are using Whole Body Cryotherapy.
For decades, they have used cold baths to relieve pain and for faster recovery from injury in training. Today, athletes are the best advertisement for Cryotherapy.

Why Use Cryotherapy in Sport?

Many will know how good it can be to apply something cold to a bump. Many studies have been conducted on the effects of cryotherapy on athletes. One of them followed two groups. The group that used cryotherapy showed better results than those who did not use this treatment. More and more athletes are choosing this type of method for the recovery, pain management and revitalization instead of physiotherapy.

Boosts lymph draining and blood circulation!

Ability to train, recover and perform.

WBC provides the most effective and convenient treatment that gives athletes a competitive advantage. Within a short time, the majority of athletic training departments will be delivering WBC to their athletes with Cryosauna. It will give them the ability to train, recover and perform better.

These are just a few benefits sports and fitness enthusiasts will notice when using Whole Body Cryotherapy:

Decreases muscle soreness, pain, and inflammation
Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness
Increases energy and peaks athletic performance
Allows for immediate post-therapy sports activity
Allows more intense and higher volume training
Boosts lymph draining and blood circulation
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