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Need help with your pain management?

Do you have issues with your knees? Are your shoulders always in pain? If you have a specific region of pain and discomfort, you could benefit from localized cryotherapy at ReNew You Cryotherapy. We’re a cryotherapy center in Tyler, TX providing targeted cryotherapy sessions to our patients.

With a vast array of machines, we can get to the root of your pain or discomfort. The revolutionary cryotherapy systems will leave you feeling better after each treatment.

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Make your way to recovery today

When you have an injury that keeps bothering you, turn to the professionals at ReNew You Cryotherapy. You should consider localized cryotherapy because:

This method targets one specific muscle or joint for people who can’t or don’t want to use the full-body machine.
Targeted cryotherapy can stimulate hair growth, treat injuries or cleanse your skin.
The therapy flushes fluid from inflamed tissue, and is a great way to deal with sports injuries.
Our process only takes about 10 to 20 minutes, and will work wonders on your injury. Contact us right now to get more information on our cryotherapy center in Tyler, TX.
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