These are j”I had never used Cryotherapy before my first visit. I found this to be an experience that is beyond describing. Just by walking into the setting, the friendliness of the staff and the therapy treatment itself, I was immediately comfortable. Cryotherapy has helped with my hip and knee soreness/arthritis beginning with the first treatment. It has even helped me sleep more peaceful. Everyone needs to go and give ReNew You a try. You will be find yourself truly being amazed at the way you feel. Great place! Try it out!”ust some of the health benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy

Bobby A.

“Friendly , clean , Great recovery Tools for Athletes, as well as non Athletes , hard day at work or physical day to overcome.”

Jana B.

“Cryotherapy left me feeling like a brand new person and the staff is super sweet and friendly. Can’t wait to go back! And try red-light therapy as well. Awesome place I highly recommend.”

Jerimiah H

“I have used cryo therapy for a couple years now and it is something I would reccomend for anyone who is active. Look up any work done by Wim Hof, or Rhonda Patrick to learn the many benefits of cold shock therapy. I am a runner and ReNew You is a great place to go for recovery therapy. I love to do the compression sleeves followed up by a session in the cryo tank and end it with some time in the red light bed. Do some research on the many benefits of cryo therapy and give ReNew You a try.”

James G.

“From the moment I walked in, I could tell it would a great experience! There were customers chatting with one another and it was clear they had become friends just by bumping into each other a few times at Renew You. The staff is extremely friendly. Walked me through each step, how it would feel and my options for treatment duration and intensity of temperature.
For anyone that hasn’t been to a Cryo place before.. It progressively gets colder. So the last 30-45s is probably the hardest part. But the RenewYou staff are with you the whole time to keep company and your mind off the temperature. Gloves, socks and slippers are provided.
I’d call ahead for any other specific questions. That way the first time you go in, you’re well prepared and able to jump right in!
Definitely going back!”

Platten L.

“Super cold!!! Everyone there is really nice. Get your freeze on!”

Wendy W.

“I had hip surgery 10/26/2016 for a torn tendon and have had significant pain from the surgery. Physical therapist kept saying it was from cutting through the muscles and/or muscle loss. One session of cryotherapy and the pain is greatly decreased. Never crossed my mind that the pain was from Inflammation but it makes sense. Cant wait to see what to see the improvement from the other sessions I have scheduled. Great staff!!!”

Robert S.

“A great place. The owner is an amazing guy. I was having groin and hamstring problems and after a session with them everything was on it’s way to being better! I would highly recommend coming here if you have joint or muscle pains!”

Layne B.

“We live in Austin, but frequently visit our family in Tyler. ReNew offers wonderful services with very helpful and friendly staff. We look forward to having their services available when we visit. I appreciate that they are open on the weekends too, super convenience for our weekend trips. For me, cryotherapy coupled with yoga has relieved and eliminated what used to be chronic back and neck pain! I immediately feel a difference after a session. I look forward to going, and even more than that, I look forward to going to bed because I can finally sleep through the night and wake up feeling restored. No more tossing and turning or stiffness when I wake up. If you haven’t been in a cryotherapy chamber before, it can seem very scary and overwhelming, the staff at ReNew You walks you through the entire process start to finish and makes you feel right at home.”

Danelle B.

“LOVE!!!! This is a new addition to my wellness program! Thank YOU Cryrotherapy for all that you do for my healing progress!”

Kimbra H.

“I am new to cryotherapy and didnt know what to think about it but after my first session I would highly recommend this to family and friends that have any type of chronic pain. The customer service is great and there was no wait time at all. The session last only 3 minutes but you get instant relief from muscle aches or other chronic issues. If you are thinking about trying it but are a little scared, you should just go for it.”
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